Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Louisiana Master Farmer Training Offered

Since its inception over seven years ago, 2300 agricultural producers have participated in the first environmental stewardship program offered through a cooperative conservation effort among Louisiana State University Ag Center, Farm Bureau Federation, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Louisiana Cattlemen's Association and the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry. This program was designed for producers, regardless of commodity, to learn about local and national environmental issues, such as Total Maximum Daily Loads and Nonpoint Source Pollution, and how they can address these issues on their own farm.

This voluntary certification program consists of three phases:
Phase I: 8 hours of environmental lecture
Phase II: Touring a “model farm” where BMPs are installed
Phase III: Develop and implement a comprehensive conservation plan on farming operation

The LSU AgCenter and NRCS will be offering Phase I training through distance learning education. The class will be taught and offered at the following sites and times around the state. Producers must attend two 4-hour blocks for completion of this phase, depending upon their primary commodity. All Producers must attend the Nov. 11th session. Then you may make a choice on the second day, if you prefer the session on crops (agronomic) or the session on cattle. If you wish you may attend both.

Some of you may have attended the field day held in our parish earlier this summer, but remember you must complete this , Phase 1 session, to receive credit on your EQIP program application. If multiple commodities are produced, then it is up to the producer which training he/she attends. Please contact Donna Morgan, LSU Ag Center, at 318-613-9278 with any questions.

Site November 11th November 12th November 12th
(1-4:30 pm) (8:30 am-12 noon) (1-4:30 pm)

1st 4 hours 2nd 4 hours 2nd 4 hours

Camp Grant Walker, ALL PRODUCERS Agronomic Producers Cattle Producers

Red River Research ALL PRODUCERS Agronomic Producers Cattle Producers
Station, Bossier

West Carroll Parish ALL PRODUCERS Agronomic Producers Cattle Producers
Extension Office
Oak Grove, LA

Acadia Parish ALL PRODUCERS Agronomic Producers Cattle Producers
Extension Office,
Crowley, LA

Scott Center, ALL PRODUCERS Agronomic Producers/ N/A
Winnsboro Cattle Producers

Calcasieu Parish ALL PRODUCERS Agronomic Producers Cattle Producers
Extension Office,
Lake Charles

For more information on Master Farmer Please visit the NRCS Web site at http://www.la.nrcs.usda.gov/programs/masterfarmerprogram/index.html or visit the LSU Ag Center Web site at, http://www.lsuagcenter.com/. To learn more about the NRCS and the many programs and services that we offer, please visit us on the Web at, www.la.nrcs.usda.gov.