Wednesday, October 5, 2011

2011 Conservation Poster Contest “Forests For People More Than You Can Imagine

For over fifty years, a national network of conservation districts has helped Americans learn to conserve natural resources. This year, join the Dugdemona Soil and Water Conservation District
and America's conservation districts as we participate in the 21th Annual Conservation Poster Contest. The Conservation Poster Contest takes during the month of October, with the theme "Forests
for People More Than You Can Imagine." Our locally sponsored Conservation Poster Contest will take place during October.


The contest will have five categories: K-1, 2-3, 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12. Local judging will occur during the first of November, so it is important that entries are received no later than 4:00 p.m. on Monday October 31, 2011. The Dugdemona Soil and Water Conservation District will award the following prizes in each category: 1st Place- $75.00, 2nd Place - $50.00, and 3rd Place 25.00. The first place district winner in each category will be entered in the state competition. In the state competition first place winners in each category will be awarded with cash prizes of $100.00 and second place winners will receive a $75.00. The first place winners in the state contest will be sent to the national poster competition, where First place winners receive $100 and second place winners receive $75.


The annual poster contests provide kindergarten through twelfth grade students with an opportunity to share their thoughts about soil, water and related natural resource issues. This year's theme, ""
Forests for People More Than You Can Imagine." focuses on trees. Trees provide us with shade, wood products, fuel, as well as help clean the air we breathe. Forests play a critical role in providing clean water, healthy wildlife habitat, as well as jobs for our citizens and products that we use every day. Understanding the importance of forests in our daily lives is the key connection of the conservation poster contest. The forest is such a joyous and generous place. It offers families the opportunity to take a peaceful walk and picnic on a sunny afternoon. The forest provides school children with the perfect atmosphere to learn about the great outdoors. It's a refuge for the creatures which consume the plants and berries growing along its floor. The forest helps to produce the paper products we all need, and many of the herbs and spices that go into the meals we prepare. And it helps to cleanse the water we drink and the air we breathe. It does so many wonderful things for us. But the forest needs us as much as we need it. Each and every one of us is able to contribute and be good stewards of our natural resources. Each of us can make a difference
. The conservation poster contest is a great way to elevate awareness and to involve our youth in conservation.


The Dugdemona Soil and Water Conservation District wants to help people in our community to learn how important it is to help conserve all our natural resources and how easy it can be. For information about the conservation poster contest and other conservation issues please contact to Vikkie Lafollette at the Dugdemona Soil and Water Conservation District office located at 301 West Main Street, Suite 210 in Winnfield, Louisiana, 71483. (We are located in Room 210 above the Winn Parish Health Unit.) You may also call (318) 628-4438. Our office hours are Monday- Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. You may also reach us at anytime via email at, visit us on Facebook or our website at for entry forms, contest rules and other information concerning our 2011 contests. In Caldwell Parish posters may also be turned in to Dugdemona SWCD/Columbia Field Office 7128 Highway 165 South, Columbia, Louisiana 71418 questions contact Pam at (318) 649-2651 Ext 3