Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Saline SWCD Spring Plant Sale

Come join us as we assist the Saline SWCD with their Spring Plant Sale. The sale will be on March 31st & April 1st from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. The Saline SWCD is locates at 2263 Hall Street in Ringgold, LA. For more information you can contact them at 318-894-2174 Extension 204.

Plants will include Agapanthus, Blue Point Juniper, Bottlebrush, Butterfly Bush, Frost Proof Gardenia, Parsoni Juniper, Sweet Olive, Vitex Tree and more.

We hope to see you there!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dugdemona Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisor Election for 2011

The Dugdemona SWCD serves Jackson, Winn, and Caldwell Parish west of the Ouachita River.

OPENS: APRIL 1, 2011
CLOSES: APRIL 30, 2011

For individuals interested in serving,
Nomination Petitions can be obtained at:
Dugdemona Soil and Water Conservation District
301 West Main Street, Suite 210
Winnfield, LA 71483

Petitions must be completed between April 1and April 30, 2011 and must be postmarked PRIOR to May 1, 2011. For more information please call: 318-628-4438 or
email us at

Election will be held on Saturday June 11, 2011

The Dugdemona Soil & Water Conservation District encompasses all of Winn and Jackson Parishes and a portion of Caldwell Parish. Concerned and eligible landowners in Caldwell, Jackson and Winn parishes have an opportunity to help manage and conserve the natural resources in this area by serving on the Dugdemona Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) Board. If the issues and programs stated in this document interest you, please call Vikkie Lafollette at 628-4438.

I. Mission: To provide leadership, education, and technical assistance through conservation planning and programs to assist all land-users in solving the needs to conserve, sustain and improve the soil, water, and other natural resources in the

Vision: To be recognized as the community leader by establishing partnerships and coordination plans of action to achieve soil and water conservation.

II. Goals and Objectives:
· Establish soil and water conservation policy for the SWCD.
· Assess resource needs.
· Develop strategies to address these needs.
· Provide quality conservation education to Parish educators and school children.
· Provide land users with technical assistance.
· Develop programs to address local natural resource problems.
· Serve as a focal point for addressing local natural resource issues and coordinating various programs to help solve identified concerns.

III. Legal Authority:
Title 3, Section 1201-1219 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes defines a Soil & Water Conservation District as a governmental subdivision of the State of Louisiana, and a public body corporate and politic.

IV. Current Major Issues:
· Landowners needing technical assistance
· Surface Water Quality
· Coastal wetland loss
· Cropland erosion
· Invasive/Non-native plant species
· Urban storm water runoff
· Insufficient operating funds

V. Major Programs and Activities:
· Federal Farm Bill conservation programs
· CWA Section 319 agricultural cost-share program
· Conservation equipment rentals
· Tree seedling sales
· Approval of conservation plans
· Review of Parish planning proposals
· Conservation educational programs for Agricultural producer, school, and civic groups
· Publish SWCD newsletter
· Revise and publish annual business plan and annual report.
VI. Funding Sources:
· State government
· Local governments (Police Jury, Drainage Board)
· Local business and organization donations
· Competitive grants
· Federal grants, cooperative interagency agreements
· Tree sales and equipment rentals
· Educational workshops and seminars

VII. Expectations of SWCD Supervisors:
· Take advantage of SWCD supervisor training opportunities
· Attend board and conservation related meetings
· Participate in district programs and activities
· Serve on a LACD (Louisiana Assoc. of Conservation Districts) committee
· Be involved and responsible for SWCD program direction
· Promote soil and water conservation in the community
· Help manage SWCD staff
· Represent the SWCD in public
· Help secure financial resources
. Attend local, reional, state and national meetings

VIII. Benefits of being a SWCD Supervisor:
· Representing locals resource concerns
· Providing a voice and a service for the citizens within your SWCD
· Satisfaction of providing your time to improve the environment and sustaining local resources
· Being actively involved with assistance and educational programs
· Provide leadership in community resource conservation

Items To Consider Before Submitting a Nomination

If you are unable to answer any of these questions, please contact the SWCD Chair at (318) 628-4438 for more information.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Each year the Louisiana Association of Conservation Districts (LACD) awards one scholarship to a Louisiana graduating high school senior who is planning to enter an institution of higher learning within the State of Louisiana as a full-time under-graduate student in the field of agriculture, natural resources or environmental sciences. The amount of the cash award will be set annually and awarded on a one time basis. The purpose of the LACD scholarship is to provide financial support to broaden the educational opportunities for deserving students in Louisiana. All graduating high school seniors in Caldwell, Jackson or Winn Parish who are planning to enter an institution of higher learning within the State of Louisiana as a full-time under-graduate student in the field of agriculture, natural resources or environmental sciences are eligible. Scholarship applicants should submit their application directly to the Dugdemona SWCD by March 25, 2011. The Dugdemona SWCD will select one candidate from all applications received, then send its candidate to the Louisiana Association of Conservation Districts (LACD) to compete with 43 other Conservation Districts in the state for the 2011Louisiana Association of Conservation Districts Scholarship. Scholarship applications are available at our office. Applications and additional information is also available on our websites “Teachers” page. Please visit our website at