Monday, March 25, 2013

Soil & Water Conservation District Supervisor Responsibilities

General Function:

A SWCD supervisor is a local board member, elected form a non-partisan slate in a general election process or appointed by the Louisiana State Soil & Water Conservation Committee to help assess local conservation needs and develop conservation programs, methods and harness resources to address these needs.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

• Attend monthly district meetings

• Participate on district committees or work groups

• Be willing to represent the citizens of his/her county in regard to local conservation issues

• Be willing to stay informed and inform others of conservation issues

• Be willing to work with various agencies and organizations and resolve problems through team work

• Be well versed in the field of conservation and interested in local conservation issues

• Be well versed in the matter of SWCD administration and promotion

• Be willing to learn

• Be willing to participate in statewide meetings and workshops on conservation issues

• Recognize natural resource management needs that can be met through SWCD programs

• Participate in SWCD policy and program development

o Prepare Strategic and Business Plans, and Annual reports

o Establish and implement SWCD policies regarding natural resource conservation issues as well as personnel and office matters

o Develop and/or implement conservation programs, educational and/or technical, to meet the needs of the SWCD

• Provide financial direction

o Be responsible for the proper expenditure and management of public funds

o Review and approve budgets and financial statements

o Approve monthly treasurer reports

o Maintain a working knowledge of the budgetary process

o Assess funding needs and actively pursue funding from local and state sources

• Participate in public and community relations activities/programs

o Maintain an active public information and education program so that citizens and other parties will be informed about conservation issues and district programs

o Make presentations an provide testimony at public hearings about conservation issues

• Participate in personnel management

o Provide guidance and direction to staff and maintain fair and equitable personnel policies

o Maintain an open working relationship between supervisors and staff

o Participate in all aspects of personnel management including hiring, personnel reviews, etc.

Term of Service:

Three years with no limit on number of terms served. Supervisors receive no compensation; they are reimbursed for travel to meetings, registration, meals and per diem when conducting work for the SWCD.


Understand the need for conservation of soil, water and other natural resources. Other relevant qualifications are:

o Knowledge of agriculture and related fields

o Environmental awareness

o Background in local, state, and national legislative process

o Skills in conduct of meetings and parliamentary procedure

o Technical background in environmental sciences, engineering

Commitment Required:

In addition to attending the Louisiana Assoc. of Conservation Districts (LACD) Annual Meeting and LACD Area meetings, an average of approximately 10 hours/month which includes:

o Meeting attendance

o Review of materials, reading and preparation

o Committee work

o Attending meetings related to conservation issues

Training Requirements:

o Be willing to learn SWCD procedures

o Meet training criteria as set forth by the State Soil & Water Conservation Committee

o Review Supervisors Handbook

o Review Louisiana Soil Conservation District Law, RS:3:1201-1219

o Understand working relationships with formal partners such as the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and that of other cooperating agencies such as USDA Farm Service Agency, LSU Agricultural Center, LA Dept. of Agriculture & Forestry, LA Dept. of Environmental Quality, etc.

o Attend one Area meeting and one State meeting per year.

o Participate in workshops and seminars related to natural resource conservation

o Keep informed on current natural resource/conservation issues

o Attend Mandatory SWCD Supervisor Training workshop

Function of a Soil & Water Conservation District – To take available technical, financial and educational resources, whatever their source and coordinate them to meet the needs of the local land users.

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